Introduction to an EcoQuest Retreat

The Psalmist portrayal of the human soul, questing after the presence of God as a deer pursues the pristine waters of nature, is a perfect introduction and welcome to EcoQuest.

As the deer pants for streams of water,
so my soul pants for you, O God.
My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
When can I go and meet with God?

(Psalm 42: 1-2)

‘The Psalmist Antidote for Spiritual Vitality, Mental Health and Well-being Requires
the Company of Nature.’

David Moore


to an Eco-Friendly Quest in God’s Own

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Welcome to an Eco-Friendly Quest in God’s Own

The Psalmist portrayal of the human soul, questing after the presence of God as a deer pursues the pristine waters of nature, is a perfect introduction and welcome to EcoQuest.
The soulful relationship between God, nature and humanity is a re-occurring theme throughout scripture and represents God’s immediacy (closeness) to the well-being of body, mind and soul.

What is significant about this unique relationship, is discovering an overlooked eco-biblical culture that can complement Christian faith and practice by having a direct influence on mental health and well-being. This relationship also highlights the legacy of spiritual efficacy (belief in God’s affirmation of humanity), nature’s health benefits, mindfulness, gratitude and meditation.

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Nature is an Open Invitation to Nurture Restfulness

An EcoQuest experience embraces the calming influence and fusion of nature’s delight, colour, texture, fragrance, ambience, artistry, vibrancy, symmetry, expansive landscapes and thought-provoking eco-metaphors. In this context, the eco-biblical narrative will help nurture a ‘natural God consciousness’, simplicity of mind and self-care.

Each EcoQuest participant is encouraged to cultivate nature’s rest as a lifestyle choice. In this way, leaning to rest in the presence of human being can bring; Rejuvenation, Energy, Synergy or Tranquillity (REST). God’s gentle invitation to rest in Matthew 11:28-29 encourages the weary or troubled soul to nurture the importance of restfulness. God’s yoke is not only easy but essential for the renewal of body, mind and soul and is a timely reminder to schedule the virtues of respite as a well-being priority.

Maintaining a healthy spiritual and physical connection with nature beyond an EcoQuest experience is vital for ongoing health and well-being. Personal issues such as depression, anger, stress, grief, mortality, fatigue or psychosomatic unwellness can be greatly affected by getting to know nature as a natural health therapist. So, if your faith and/or well-being need nature’s nurture, welcome to EcoQuest, where God’s omnipresence, nature and personal well-being comes alive in the company of nature.

Enjoy your open invitation to nature’s nurture and the God who made it possible.

David Moore

About David Moore

Living in Queenstown’s iconic beauty as a Salvation Army Officer, I was awakened to a theological question that, for several years, remained unanswered.

“Why hasn’t Christian faith and practice in God’s Own, embraced the healing virtues of eco-biblical meaning, alongside God’s natural omnipresence in and of nature”?

The answer came after thirty years of tramping and counselling experience in New Zealand while trying to understand the relationship between the values of EcoQuest Theology and the therapeutic benefits of nature on Christian faith, mental health and wellbeing.

I hope you enjoy your EcoQuest journey in God’s adventure capital or natural cathedral as much as I love being blessed by it.

David Moore | Counsellor, Author, Retreat and Eco-Therapist

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Cell: 027 481 9996

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

William Shakespeare