“When God says, ‘Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world’ he is referring to your greater self as a child of God.”

David Moore


  • Behold the Lilies: Jesus and the Contemplation of Nature, 2017 – H Paul Santmire, Theologian.
  • This Outside Life: Finding God in the Heart of Nature, 2019 – Laurie Kehler, Author and Gardening Enthusiast.
  • Sensing God: Experiencing the Divine in Nature, Food, Music and Beauty, 2021 – Joel Clarkson, Musician.
  • Gardening Mercies: Finding God in your Garden 2016 – Laurie Kehler, Author and Gardening Enthusiast.
  • Finding God in the Garden: Backyard Reflections on Life, Love and Compost, 2003 – Rabbi Balfour Brickner.
  • Nature Contemplations Through the Christian Year, 2015 – Peter Skaller, Reverent and Dr.
  • Ecofaith: Creating and Sustaining Green Congregations, 2009 – Charlene A Hosenfeld, Psychiatrist.
  • Natural Saints: How People of Faith are Working to Save God’s Earth, 2010 – Mallory D McDuff, Professor.
  • The Travail of Nature, 1991 – H Paul Santmire, Theologian.
  • Nature Reborn: The Ecological and Cosmic Promise of Christian Theology, 2000 – H Paul Santmire, Theologian.
  • Before Nature: A Christian Spirituality, 2014 – H Paul Santmire, Theologian.
  • Keeping God’s Earth: The Global Environmental in Biblical Perspective, 2012 – Noah J Toly and Daniel I Block, Professors.
  • The Natural Health Service: How Nature can Mead your Mind, 2021 – Isabel Hardman, Political Journalist.
  • With Nature in Mind: The Ecotherapy Manual for Mental Health, 2016 – Any McGeeney, Psychologist.
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